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As a clinical dietitian and researcher for 20 years, I am here to guide you on your journey for health.

Supplements can be really helpful, but also really confusing.

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Natural Antihistamine Remedies


Coenzyme Q10 Benefits

Vitamin K Heart Health Benefits

Do you need vitamin B6 (P5P)?

Iron Deficiency Myths

Modern diets lack adequate nutrients and antioxidants. People need great supplements to help make up the difference.


An estimated 99 percent of Americans fall short in at least 1 nutrient, making them more susceptible to viruses, fatigue, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and more.
Best Vitamin Brands

Informed Self-Care

We can all eat better, but that will likely only get us part of the way. High-quality, pure supplements are a natural way to improve health.

How to Choose Safe and Effective Vitamin E

Folate Versus Folic Acid: Important Facts for Your Health

17 Supplements and Foods that May Help Your Joint Pain

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