10 Interactive Healthcare Influencers on Twitter

Interactive healthcare influencers are changing the face of medicine today.  Social media channels change our world view of healing! My favorite way to find interactive healthcare is on Twitter!  In the world of social media, Twitter is friendly, light, and interactive.  This is most true if you choose the right people to follow.

It is a great place to find connections.  Get out there and interact.

I need to give credit to some fantastic people on Twitter who help people get healthier every day.

Most importantly, these people communicate with their audience in a very positive manner.  This interaction is key when you are trying to overcome a major (or minor) health hurdle.

The Who’s Who of Interactive Healthcare

While perhaps not the biggest names out there like Dr. Axe, Tim Ferris, Dr. Oz, Oprah, or Dr. Hyman, the influencers I speak of in this blog individualize their practices and help you, the individual.

A recent Forbes post by Barrett Wismen recently coined this form of an influencer as micro-influencers.

What exactly is a micro-influencer?  It is a person that is active and connects with their audience.  They have a smaller, yet immensely dedicated audience.

How did I pick my list?

  • These health professionals are all genuine.
  • They want to help people.
  • They work hard and are smart.
  • And you guessed it: they interact with their audience

This list was hard to narrow down.  At the end, I want to also add some Twitter health influencers that I love and respect.

This group isn’t just about glam shots and grabbing for fame.  Here you will find substance, caring, and integrity.

10. Jeanette Kimszal, RDN

Jeanette is passionate about nutrition and is one of the most innovative dietitians out there right now. 

She creates educational materials for patients as well as health professionals. You will find her creating unique and interactive challenges to help people achieve wellness.

For example, her latest challenge is to get hydrated in a fun way.  You can find more about Jeanette on Twitter @JeanetteKimszal and also on her website.

9. Calene Van Noy, RDN

Calene is a well-rounded nutritionist and dietitian with a cutting-edge spin on healing and health by integrating whole foods, essential oils, and key supplements.

She has a gentle and mindful approach to life and wellness.  She is a caring mom, which broadens her view on wellness.

She asks herself everyday: What would make TODAY an ideal day? I think we should all do this everyday! Find Calene on Twitter:  @RiseUpHealth.

8. Miriam Faggett, MS

Miriam is truly inspiring.  I love talking with her because it brings an instant feeling of ease for me.

She has a natural gift of speaking from the heart and is also one of the most intelligent nutritionists I’ve ever met. She is active both on Twitter and Facebook.

Miriam is a master’s level nutritionist & health coach inspiring & empowering women to awaken their true essence with nutritional, physical, & spiritual healing.

You should check out her 100 days of live videos on Facebook as well as her Twitter @mimi_nutrition and her website.

7. Nathalie Botros, Psychotherapist, Certified Health Coach

For a good laugh at life and health, look no further than the Bon Vivant Girl, Nathalie Botros.  She is a powerhouse for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

With a broad range of knowledge, Nathalie is an ex serial-dieter, current psychotherapist,  and Certified Health Coach.

She is the author of the witty and entertaining book called If You Are What You Eat, Should I Eat a Skinny Girl?

You can find her on Twitter @BonVivantGirl and her book and other great health resources at her website.

6. Kristie Leong, MD

Dr. Kristie Leong posts useful health and diet information that is instantly applicable.  She is a physician, medical writer, and health nut.

Her graphics are beautiful and easy to understand. She believes that staying healthy should be an adventure!

You can find her on Twitter: @DrKristieLeong

You can find one of her many great health books here on Amazon.com. 

5. Charles Mattocks

Charles is a best-selling author of now three books and became a World Diabetes Advocate following his own diagnosis of Type II diabetes in 2011. He is passionate about being a father and about getting people healthy.

Charles is also an accomplished director and producer and his slate of films and TV programs are highly sought after.

Also, he is trying to get the Reversed van on the road for Diabetes testing at reversedtestingunit.com

He is featured on CNN, the Dr Oz Show, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, and the Reversed TV show on Discovery. You can find him on Twitter @CMattocks1 and also at his website.

4. Dr. Denise McDermott, MD 

If you need a boost in your mood, look no further.  Dr. Denise McDermott is a Board Certified Adult & Child Psychiatrist with powerful messages of hope and joy.

She is also the host of The Dr. Denise Show.  She is also an author and mom.  Her posts are always uplifting and kind.

You can find her on Twitter @DrDeniseMD

and also at her website.

3. Beth Frates, MD

With a passion for kindness, you will find that Beth is uplifting and inspirational.  She is an award-winning teacher at Harvard Medical School, but her unassuming ways on social media make her feel like your best friend.

She believes that either we find joy or create it. You must participate in joyful activities for your health–body and mind.

You can find her on Twitter @BethFratesMD and also on her website.

2. Lisa Davis, MPH

 Lisa is incredibly bright and honest.  While some health experts shy away from big and personal topics, Lisa is bold and brings forth the real issues that are on our minds about body image, sex, eating right and more.

She brings out the spicy in health with her new book called Clean Eating, Dirty Sex.  Her podcasts are engaging and informative; you can find them here:Itsyourhealth.com

She featured me here talking about vitamin D3.

Lisa is probably one of the most interactive and influential health professionals on Twitter; find her @healthmediagal1.

1. Dr. Lori Shemek

You will find that Dr Shemek is one of the most kind and genuine souls out there.  She really wants to help you feel your best.

She’s dynamic: she is a best-selling author that will also answer your questions directly and thoughtfully.

Lori Shemek is well-known as a pioneer in inflammation and how it is responsible for and the core cause of most illness, disease, faster aging, and weight gain. She has been sending out the message about inflammation long before it was a buzz word.

Lori is humble about her fame.  She is featured on almost every TV network and most of the biggest health magazines out there like Dr. Oz’s Good Life Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Shape Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Health Magazine, Redbook Magazine and many others.

You can find her at LoriShemek.com or on Twitter @LoriShemek

Twitter Isn’t Always Easy

Lost on Twitter?  Feel like you are in an empty Twitter space?

I recommend reaching out to M Lemont  @MisterSalesman to help you get the most out of your Twitter account.

He’s the Twitter expert helping people engage and grow more followers effectively.

Other Great Twitter Health Engagers:

@KristenJakobitz an inspirational health coach.

@DistinctExperiences powerful, interactive health messages.

@AHealthyBod reversing the ravages of diabetes.

@Craig_Novy inspiration for recovery from injury.

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