The state of healthcare needs more healing. Getting the nutrients and building blocks from foods is at the core of this healing process for everyone.

I’m invigorated by helping people feel better. It is my mission to help people feel better through a functional nutrition approach.

Food is medicine.

Graduating with a Master’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Washington, I am a registered dietitian, or RDN, with a passion for healing.  Food, supplements, and herbs can help restore health while repairing.  Pretty amazing. I got inspired to become a dietitian in my undergraduate studies at Montana State University.  One of  my amazing professors made me understand that the root of healing begins with the food we eat.

I have practiced in a hospital setting as a clinical dietitian for 20 years, and find energy and joy from helping people on the path to recovery.

Yet something was missing. I found myself PASSIONATE about functional nutrition right away. Functional medicine is essentially this:  applying the most current research for YOUR needs.  We carefully weigh risks, benefits, and potential gains to help with healing.

It became undeniable early in my own health and the health of all my patients that the foods we eat, including herbs and key amounts of nutrients, are life-changing. Functional medicine training through the Institute for Functional Medicine has helped me develop my abilities to help myself and others by getting to the root cause of illness.

I have also had the great privilege of being a nutrition researcher, which gave me a deep understanding of what makes up good research or just hype or fuel for media propaganda. That is what drives me to blog and share the truth about health today.

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